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Privacy Policy

The company’s authorised employee is the only one who has access to all the data and information stored in the database. The information that is not to be made public includes the client’s information, including the business model and its trade secrets, client information, company information, transaction information, important information, facts, and transaction history. Clients of the business may request the deletion or removal of their data, which the business will do at the client’s request. However, some very important information will be retained by the business, including information concerning the business’s dealings with the client.

Users are warned not to divulge any sensitive information to anyone outside the firm, since doing so could result in both the client and the company suffering financial losses. The company’s database houses the information and data in digital form. It’s possible that this info is encrypted or not. Any unintentional harm, such as a data breach or customs violation, is the responsibility of the concerned individual, not the entire business.

Ownership of Content

Clixahub Private Limited and its licensors are the sole owners of all content developed and published on digital platforms with the url https://www.clixahub.com, including the mobile browser site, applications, and Business Standard E-paper (including copyright and database rights). You do not acquire any intellectual property rights in any of the content while using this site to access it. You are not permitted to use “Clixahub” without the previous written consent of Clixahub Private Limited, which owns the trademark registrations. The content on this platform may only be used in accordance with our Copyright Policy.