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Advance Matrimonial Platform for your Matrimony Business

Allow your consumers to take advantage of the vast array of services offered on your matrimonial website and give them the freedom to use this website to easily discover their ideal life partner. Utilize advantageous AI-based capabilities to effectively run your business and minimise your efforts.

Users Profile

A person who is seeking perfect match as a life partner can create his or her profile by providing relevant information on the website.

Manager Profile

An personalised manager profile can be created by the authorised person managing the clients to give them the greatest online experience possible.

Franchise Profile

To better cater to the clients, a separate option is provided on the website for generating a franchise profile.

2-Step Verification

The ability to set or disable the website's two-step authentication method, which serves as a advanced security feature.

Package Management

The website offers a sophisticated mechanism for producing numerous packages for users and easily managing them.

Coupon Management

The website offers an advanced module for producing and managing coupon facility to provide concession to users.

Newsletter Signup

There is a separate newsletter signup feature on the website, via which users can choose to receive email updates from the website.


The website has a magnificent module that allows users the option of making recommendations, allowing them to accumulate points that can then be redeemed for deals and discounts.

Profile Share

There is a direct button on the website that can be used to share profiles on SMS, WhatsApp, and other platforms without having to copy and paste lengthy, dull URLs.

Export Profile

Convert profiles into PDFs to make them simpler to distribute and keep for accessing the profile's details offline and on other devices, so users don't have to be online all the time.

Live Chat

You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

SMS Integration

With the help of the bulk SMS sending capability, an advanced SMS integration is available to help you grow your business and reach as many platform users as possible.

Email Integration

A sophisticated email integration is offered to improve your business and increase your reach to platform recipients through the mail delivery feature of the platform.

Online Payment

A hassle-free module for collecting online payments by various payment methods is available on the website to ease the execution of your business.

AI Based Profile Suggestion

A group of machine learning techniques known as artificial intelligence recommendation systems are employed by developers to accurately predict user preferences and provide pertinent recommendations to consumers.

Data Encyption

Feel protected and safe with the platform's high-level data encryption system, which uses the greatest data encryption module to protect your data.

Liked Profile

Users can follow a companion's profile to receive all of the real-time updates the user posts to his page.

Intrested Profile

The website provides a secure communications interface for the users through which they can interact among themselves by sending requests at the initial step or accepting requests from others for further communication.

Profile Preference

The user can input information about location, gotra, cast, etc. to find relevant profiles, and the upgraded artificial intelligence will utilise this information to sort the profiles in accordance with the needs.

Online Document Verification

To make the job easier and faster, an online document verification facility is available on the website, which scrutinises the documents and verifies their authenticity to provide a hassle-free experience on the website.


You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

Activity Dashboard

The activity dashboard offers a summary of all actions taken by users, including manual website additions.


With the aid of the report management system offered on the platform, user can easily and quickly obtain accurate daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports.