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Online Accounting Software For Your Business

Astonishing software with exciting and exclusive features to manage accounts, inventories, and much more of your business seamlessly online to keep you a step ahead.


The application allows for hassle-free creation, editing, and removal of customer data to manage your business.


Stay updated on the employees' actions and manage personnel information, including attendance, working hours, holidays, and a variety of other items.


Here, the designated executive of sales, purchases, expense reports, etc., can control the accounts and make use of the software's major functionalities to administer the company.

Employee Commission

Utilize the ease of calculating each stylist's salary and then modifying the commission you offer in accordance with it.

Reward Points & E-Wallet

Give your customers access to e-wallets and incentive programmes so they can benefit from a quick and profitable transaction system.

Coupon Management

Easy-to-use system for managing coupons that helps you to distribute, track, and issue coupons so that clients can quickly redeem them and benefit from your salon's excellent pricing deals.

Online Bookings

By leveraging Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels, you can quickly accept online reservations for your business, replacing the antiquated appointment scheduling techniques.


Utilize Books' cutting-edge billing feature with its appealing and user-friendly interface instead of continuing to use separate billing software for inventories in your business.

e-Way Bills

You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.


You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.


Using cutting-edge software, Books assists you in managing the supplies of commodities, goods, stuff, and resources that your company holds in preparation for selling them to customers.


Utilize the barcode feature to keep track of the products, and use the sophisticated software. Books helps you to manage them more efficiently in terms of time and effort.

Employee Attendence

Stop recording your employees' attendance with pen and paper. Keep a record of that for whenever you need to figure out employee wages and holidays.

Client Portal

The business owner of the firm can quickly receive online orders from their customers as clients can make orders by using a client portal and a software module.

Vendor Portal

Through the vendor portal of the software, the authorised individual can accept orders and administer the business, including inventories, billing, and many other tasks.

Online Payment

On the website, there is a hassle-free module for accepting online payments using a variety of payment options, which will make running your business easier.

SMS Integration

An advanced SMS integration is available with the aid of the bulk SMS sending functionality, which will enable you to expand your business and connect with as many platform users as you can.

Email Integration

Through the platform's mail delivery feature, an intricate email integration is provided to help you grow your business and reach more platform users.

Rating & Review

The owner can find the ratings and reviews from their customers using the software and take the necessary steps to the enhanced the business.

Data Encryption

With the platform's high-level data encryption system, which uses the best data encryption module to safeguard your data, you may feel safe and protected.


By adding them to the drive included in the software, you can safely store all of your billing-related documents online.


The owner of the firm can manage all the outlets and branches of his business with ease using this software.


You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.


Use the time management module, which offers a calendar or list view of events together with a reminder method, to be informed of significant events that the user has entered into the application.

Digital Signature

Verify the signer's identity before digitally signing each bill. By leveraging this sophisticated function of the programme, it can be used in place of a real, handwritten signature.


You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

Audit Trail

Books offers its users an amazing capability for managing audit trails: a system that tracks the precise transactions related to any item in an accounting record.

Activity Dashboard

Why use out-of-date applications or paper to keep track of your business activities when you can do it online? Use Books to keep track of, control, and follow up on the records for your business whenever and wherever you are.


Don't let mundane reports consume your thoughts. Use Books to quickly and easily get a detailed report about your business.