A consultant is a person with a special skill for solving the problem in various fields by determining the flaws and working on it for its betterment. The active role of consultant is to get the problem solved by gaining the required information and implementing his skills towards the shortest method to get the problem solved within the given time frame, so that the execution of the work can be done flawlessly. A consultant plays a very important role as he don’t put his hand but the head in the matter to make a program to get an end with a desirable results and output. He needs to take the responsibility to show the right path and to frame a protocol so that each actions taken to make the program work in the desirable manner.There may be a variety of stages where the consultation might be required, hence an organisation appoints consultant in different level of the work roles for it. This can be seen as in the organisation a person is present to make a decision on the regular and routine work occurs there.

His main role is to provide a guide in a uniform way all the time whenever required. But for the purpose like implementation of new frame work need to be done there, person with the special skills to handle and tackle the upcoming new and sudden requirements an organisation might find an external source of consultant so that the non-uniform problem raised could be tracked without any interrupt. Organizational consultancy: An organisation working in a peculiar way to manage the each and every task to be done in different and certain levels can be assisted and provided with the skills of a master person such as consultant. At the time of communication regarding a single task done by two or more different organisations and be assisted by the same person and in each level of the work the certain continuity can be maintained.